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Welcome to Dead Man Customs!
I am Chris Anderson, aka Dead Man, future customizer extraordinaire!  Here you will be able to see my work as a toy customizer, as well as see what I have up for sale on eBay currently.  This is a great hobby and I have a lot of fun (as well as my share of frustration and headaches) doing this.  At least it keeps me off the streets...unless I'm searching for that next toy to customize.
Due recent legal action against customizers posting DC customs on eBay on the part of Time-Warner, the parent company of DC Comics, I will not be posting DC customs on eBay.  If you are interested in one of my DC customs, feel free to contact me about purchasing.

 I also accept commissions (after all, I'm a new dad so any extra scratch to help is, well, helpful).  However, due to my current status as Mr. Mom, it will take me longer to complete commissions.  Feel free to contact me and we'll work out a deal based on your interests.  The cost is based on how much it costs me to get the base figure(s), how much work is necessary, and good old fashioned shipping & and handling charges, which will be reasonable.  Obviously, a simple repaint will be cheaper than an elaborate paintjob or one that requires lots of sculpting.  Commissions will be handled on a first-come first-served basis.

You can contact me here for questions about commissions.

 This is where you'll find my latest customs or you can access the archive.  Please note that unless a figure is currently listed in my items for sale on eBay, it has either been sold or is part of my personal collection and is not for sale (so don't bother asking).

 All characters featured on this website are copyright and trademarks of their respective owners

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